Kate's Royal Wedding Dress -- Order Yours Now!

kate middletonThis Friday, all eyes will be on the most anticipated royal wedding in 30 years. Prince William and Kate Middleton will vow to "love, comfort, honor, and keep" one another ... forevah. But as far as many women are concerned, it's less about the promise of a fairytale and more about ... the FASHION. Everyone's trying to guess what Kate's wedding dress (the work of Alexander McQueen's creative director Sarah Burton) will look like. There's also a bunch of buzz that the minute Kate premieres her gown, other designers will get to work trying to replicate it for a bazillion other brides.  

Danielle Adrienne, the owner of a Philadelphia wedding boutique, says some customers are already asking to secure a dress similar to Middleton's, sight unseen.

All I've got to say is ... come on, ladies, really???


First there was the engagement ring knockoff, which just downright creeps me out, because not only is it Kate's engagement ring, but it was Diana's, and I just think there's bad karma surrounding that ring. I wouldn't want to wear a knockoff of anyone's engagement ring -- let alone one that could be associated with so much sadness.

But now, the dress. Okay, Kate's dress has nothing to do with Diana, but it has everything to do with ... HER. Why anyone would want to wear something that will be associated with another woman for years to come is beyond me. Don't you want to make your own statement on your wedding day? Don't you want your husband, friends, and family to look back and remember whatever you wore as uniquely yours?

It's like this ... I know women who wore wedding dresses that were very similar to their friends'. But the one who wore it first will always be the one who wore it best. Brides-to-be, you've been warned -- the same will most definitely be true for whatever style dress Kate dashes down the aisle wearing. And on your wedding day, do you really want to be second best? ... I didn't think so.

Would you ever consider wearing a knockoff of Kate Middleton's wedding dress?


Image via Mirrorpix/Splash News

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