Dress Like Reese Witherspoon in 'Water for Elephants' With These Dresses

There is not much sexier than the vintage look these days, and these dresses inspired by the new Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson movie Water for Elephants are perfect. 

In post-Depression era fashion, curves were in and glamour was high. These aren't everyday outfits (unless you're my 3-year-old daughter who wants me to wear sequins every day), but for a special occasion, they're killer.

These dresses are all from Unique Vintage and are mostly billed as prom dresses, but I can say that there were no options this amazing open to me for prom. Obviously, a 17-year-old could rock these dresses, but they also seem a bit old for the average high-schooler, no?

See for yourself:


Black satin racer-back dress: $104

This dress is undeniably amazing. It channels all the glamour and excitement of the film and would be extremely sexy on the dance floor at the prom. This is a far cry from the 1980s bright colors and puffy sleeves we see in awful prom photos. The look is sophisticated and old world, just like the movie. Now, if only you could get Robert Pattinson to give you your corsage ...

Anchor skirt: $50

This isn't a prom dress, but it isn't an everyday skirt either. The pencil look is very old school and chic, especially flattering on curvier women looking for a pin-up kind of effect, and the nautical theme is very in this season. Of the dresses featured in this collection, this is the only one that is more casually wearable (like to work). It's sexy without trying too hard to be so.

Champagne satin long dress: $478

This is a lot pricier and more adult than the other dresses. If my daughter wore this to prom, I might be a little nervous. On the other hand, wow. It's simply stunning. It hugs every curve and flows, and with a tan, this would be absolutely spectacular.

Flapper-inspired lace, beaded, and embroidered dress: $538

This dress is probably the most glamorous prom dress most would ever see. It's almost too pretty to even be a prom dress. Simply stunning, it wouldn't be out of place on the red carpet.

Would you wear any of these dresses? Let your daughter wear them to prom?

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