Beyonce in Polka Dots: Hot or Not?

BeyonceBeyonce has one amazingly curvy body.

But even her rocking bod couldn't save this polka dot disaster of a dress by Marc Jacobs.

It's sad, because the cut of the dress is amazing on her, and polka dots and color block are both very hot trends right now.

But the Christmas-like color combination and the plethora of polka dots combine to make this dress a major fashion don't.

B's hair and makeup don't help matters, either.

Beyonce is in France right now with husband Jay-Z and I can tell she's really making an effort to look good in the fashion capital of the world.

If at first you don't succeed, Beyonce, try, try again.

But there's something else that's interesting about this photo.

Can you guess what it is?


Notice that the man she's holding hands with is NOT JAY-Z!

Jay-Z was with this group and I'm guessing this man is her bodyguard.

I'm also guessing that she's holding his hand simply because HER HEELS ARE TOO HIGH FOR HER TO WALK IN.

We've had this discussion about heels before -- remember?

The most stylish shoes these days are definitely not made for walking.

And I have to admit, I guessed what was going on only because the exact same thing has happened to me. I have a few pairs of super-duper high heels for date nights that require my husband's arm if I am going anywhere in them!

So now I'd love to know, my fashionable friends, what you think of Beyonce in this photo.

Is this one hot dress? Or is she one hot mess?


Image via SplashNews

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