Noah Cyrus Wears Loads of Black Eyeliner: Would You Let Your 11-Year-Old Do the Same?

Noah CyrusEleven-year-old Noah Cyrus is as famous for her racy outfits and inappropriate YouTube videos as she is for being the younger sister of Miley Cyrus.

You'd think her parents would have learned a lesson from all the negative publicity Noah has gotten (not to mention Miley) and make sure she's dressed more appropriately for a girl her age.

Sadly, this is not the case.

I'm accustomed to seeing Noah in far too much makeup at film premieres and publicity parties, but it turns out the heavy makeup is now in effect even when she's going out for a family dinner.

Click through to see a recent photo of her out with the fam. You won't BELIEVE how much liquid eyeliner the kid is wearing!

Then tell me in the comments whether you'd let your 11-year-old go out in this kind of makeup.

Okay, you're going to have to click through to see this photo because we don't have the rights to it, but you can check it out over at, here.

What the heck?! The kid looks like she's 30!

It looks like she's had a makeover courtesy of Wet 'n' Wild!

Also, I'm not convinced an 11-year-old would be able to do this kind of makeup on her own, particularly the black eyeliner. Somehow it's more disturbing to me thinking of an adult helping her rim her eyes with liquid liner. *Shudder*

I might allow my 11-year-old to use a little lip gloss, powder, and mascara if she begged, but you'd better believe black eyeliner would be out of the question. I'd probably allow brown Clinique eyeliner at 13 and reserve the black eyeliner (in limited quantities) for high school.

This is the line my mother took with me and it seemed to work just fine. I was definitely a girly-girl and I loved me some makeup, but frankly during junior high, I wouldn't have been any good at applying eyeliner, anyway. I believe I used a demure brown eyeliner in eighth grade and that was good training for the high school years. My mom also took me to the Clinique counter for makeup lessons so that I knew how to apply it. Her best piece of advice: "If someone tells you they love your makeup, then you're wearing too much. If someone tells you that you look beautiful, you're doing it right." I've never forgotten that and I'm glad I heard that tip as a teen because I definitely listened.

I wish someone would teach poor Noah these lessons.

Billy Ray Cyrus has been bellyaching to the press lately about Miley's problems. With Noah, he and his wife have a chance to turn things around ... but sadly, it looks like they're not taking that opportunity.

What do you think about little Noah, her makeup, and her future?


Image via David Merrick/Getty Images

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Kat.M. Kat.M.

Wow. When I was 11 I didn't even think about wearing makeup... I started to really wear makeup when I was 15.

Jennifer Schoenberger

I am a makeup artist and I think the makeup is WAY too much for an 11 year old. If and when I do have a girl, I already have my ideas about when, and how much, makeup is going to be introduced.

2love 2love

Im not even a fan of Miley's but sounds to me there's not much more to pick at her about so someone moved to her little sister.

Mamab... MamabearC

I completely agree with you,11 is way to young to be wearing that much heavy make-up.Lip gloss:yes, mascara at 13:probably, but thick black eyeliner at 11?HELL NO.  I just don't understand why some parents are enabling their girl children to rush into doing adult things(heavy make-up,waxing,tanning,revealing clothes,push-up bras)...just let them be kids for pete's sake...they certainly don't benefit from wondering/worrying about whether they look "hot" or not...

nonmember avatar AJ

@2Love I completely agree with you.

Elizabeth Pattison

I will allow lip gloss. I will let my daughter start wearing mascara last yr of junior high, eye liner/shadow in HS. Noah should take a lesson from Dakota Fanning. At 17, Fannning has less eyeliner than Noah. Then again what do you expect from those parents who let Myrus posing half naked at 16, pole dancing in her vidoe at 17.


No, I most certainly would NOT. I wouldn't let a daughter of mine go out like that if she were 40!! That poor child.

m0ml0... m0ml0v3s2

It's eyeliner not the end of the world

Andrea Hooks

She is too young for that much make up. Wearing some lip gloss or something is fine but she is wearing more make up then most women. This is one reason why grown men look at innocent little girls because some parents are letting their children grow up too fast!

shiva... shivasgirl

this family is the epitomy of trash

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