7 Fashion Statements for Your Bicycle

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Sure, you can simply ride your bike to be eco-fabulous and get where you're going -- without style, without flair. OR, you can treat your bicycle like the fashion accessory that it totally is. It's time, my glamorous friends, to sweeten up that blasé old Schwinn. Be bold. Add color. Accessorize! Make a statement!

We've rounded up 7 sassy fashion statements for your bicycle -- because we know you want to express yourself beautifully as you sail across town. Don't you?


7 Fashion Statements for Your Bicycle

bensimon canvas sneaker

French canvas Bensimon Lacet sneakers ($53) will make you the "Ooh La La" of bicyclist style.

fuschia scarf pink SCARFSHOP

Let this bright and beautiful fuchsia SCARFSHOP Scarf ($15-$60) fly in the wind as you ride. It'll make each ride all the more fabulous.

saddle bag bike bag leather

Stylish biking doesn't get any more sophisticated than this Zimbale Leather Saddle Bag ($79).

vintage Schwinn bike seat

Pretty up that Schwinn with this pink Vintage Schwinn Bike Seat ($22).

bike bell typewriter vintage ampersand

Ring your Vintage Typewriter Key Ampersand Bike Bell ($16) -- because your bike looks good and it wants to get noticed.

pink blazer outfit

Hello, smart outfit with a colorful, fitted blazer ($79.90) and jeans. You are perfect for a bike ride in the springtime.

handwoven bicycle bike basket

This hand-woven Peterboro Original Bicycle Basket ($44) says your style is classic, refined, no nonsense -- and it'll hold lots of stuff too!

What's your favorite stylish bike accessory -- here or on your own bike?


Images via Adeline Adeline, Adeline Adeline, SCARFSHOP, Zimbale, Sew Upcycle, Spoke N Wheel, ZARA, and Peterboro Basket

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