J.C. Penney Has Cute Spring Stuff! WHO KNEW?

J.C. PenneyI shop at J.C. Penney every so NEVER.

No offense intended to those of you who do. The fact is, I still remember walking through the department store as a tween in Gainesville, Georgia and recoiling at the frumpy "fashions" on the mannequins.

And who can forget the "J.C. Penney Pose" we all used to do for the camera? Hilarious? Yes. Stylish? No.

However, an online J.C. Penney ad I caught the other day had me tentatively clicking over, and surprise, surprise, they have some cute stuff! And it's all on sale!

Check out this awesome pleated skirt (J.C. Penney, $24.99 on sale), for example, which I think I have to have.

And that's not all!

Click through to see a few of my favorite things from J.C. Penney. Then tell me if you're as surprised as I am to see them!



J.C. Penney

This floral sundress (J.C. Penney, $39.99 on sale) is really adorable. I'd totally wear it.


J.C. PenneyI'm totally down with this Loretta Sandal (J.C. Penney, $32.99 on sale), particularly at this price!


J.C. PenneyThis floral skirt (J.C. Penney, $24.99 on sale) would make you a total standout!


J.C. PenneyDitto on this fabulous floral dress (J.C. Penney, $47.99 on sale). LOVE.

What do you think of these looks? Are you surprised they come from Jacques Penney or do you shop there all the time already?


Images via J.C. Penney

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