Lauren Conrad Turns Her Pretty Face Into a Pretty Business

lauren conradOh, Laguna Beach. Remember when that first aired? It was new, different, embarrassingly addictive for no reason at all. An entire hour devoted to the wicked Kristin Cavallari with her bangin' bod, and the "sweet" Lauren Conrad with her pretty hair and makeup. Then LC came out with a spinoff, The Hills. Then she made a clothing line. Then a book. Then another one. Blah, blah, blah, YAWN!

I don't find Lauren Conrad particularly compelling as a human being, but she sure is fun to look at. I've actually had the pleasure of seeing her in person a few times, and -- she purdy. Do I want to read a book she "wrote"? Yeah, no. Do I want to wear a sparkly top she "designed"? Pass. But I do want in on her damn beauty secrets. And now she's dishing them. Peasants rejoice!


Lauren Conrad, along with her hairstylist, Kristin Ess, and her makeup artist, Amy Nadine, recently launched a new website called The Beauty Department, and it could be the best idea a celebrity has ever had in the history of celebdom.

The site gives tutorials for things like how to make those sexy Victoria's Secret waves no one can seem to master; getting the perfect red lip; and fun ways to "jazz up" your otherwise snore-worthy ponytail. It also has an inspiration page, where you'll find cool "celeb style," and a poll page, which will force you to ponder deep, philosophical questions, like "Do you let your hair air dry, or do you blow dry?"

This is what celebrities (especially the ones who don't act or sing) are here for, people. This is what their calling in life is. This is why I'm interested in them -- for their hair and makeup secrets! If I want to read a book, I'm not going to hit up Lauren Conrad. If I want a recipe, I'm not looking to Gwyneth Paltrow. (If I want a cocktail, I will turn to Bethenny Frankel, though.) But if they want to give me beauty advice? I'll take it!

So, nice work, LC. I think this is the best and smartest foray a celeb has made since the Skinny Girl Margarita! And that's no small feat.

What do you think of Lauren Conrad launching a beauty site?


Image via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

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