Snooki Transformed in Full Body Makeover (PHOTO)


Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is perhaps better known for being a hot mess than for being anywhere near hot. Cute? Maybe. Sweet? Definitely. Ditzy? Absolutely. But hot was more JWoww and Sammi's departments.

In the past week or so, she has been turning all that around with a series of photos showing how much weight she has lost. She claims she has just been drinking water and watching what she eats, but after making the resolution to lose weight back in January, she seems to be making good ... and looking good, too!

The latest addition to the "hot Snooki" package is leopard hair extensions. Who knew such a thing even existed, but there they are. And um, dare I say it ...

They actually look kind of good!

I would never get them myself, but on Snooki, they look oddly fitting. Gone is the pouf in the front of her head. Now she has a three-inch cat stalking her tresses. Leave it to Snooki to be a trendsetter, but uh, I kind of like it. 


Do you like the extensions?


Image via Plixi

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Zamaria Zamaria

Kinda cool! Definately not for me, but when I was younger I would have worn them!

kalisah kalisah

My hairdresser was just telling me about these yesterday. They call them "feathers" and she said they can't keep them in stock! They weave them into the hair just like extensions.

buffa... buffalove23

She looks a lot healthier now then she did before...she doesn't look like her face is going to explode.

Kat.M. Kat.M.

Good for Snooki. Makes me sad since now I'm the one with the extra weight...having a baby is tough lol

butte... butterflyspiral

In my younger years I would definitely have thought they were awesome.


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