Kate Middleton Shocks Queen by Doing Own Wedding Makeup


kate middletonI have a confession to make. I'm not obsessed with the Royal Wedding. I know, I know, it's crazy talk, but it's true. I've never been one for big, star-studded weddings. I always skip the US Weeklys with celeb weddings on the cover in the grocery store line. They just don't interest me all that much. On the other hand, give me a couple pictures of Sienna Miller in an airport, and I'm in heaven!

In addition to my general disinterest in celebrity weddings, I'm not all that fascinated by Prince William and Kate Middleton period. I mean, Princess Diana was a wee bit before my time, and Prince William has always seemed kind of, well, boring. Sure, when I saw Kate, I thought, "Now she's awfully pretty," but it pretty much ended there. Until I heard she was planning on doing her own makeup at her wedding. Obsession commence.

First of all, the girl is beautiful, so she doesn't exactly need a team of humans making her up. Her skin is flawless, her brows are perfect, what more do you really need? But second of all -- que rebellious! The Queen must be quivering in her royal boots right about now since she already thinks their wedding has gotten too modern.

I think this is amazing, though. How fresh! How unpretentious! How un-princess-like! Weddings are so out of control these days. Half the time it seems like they're more about the hair extensions and the dress and the fake eyelashes than the marriage itself. This seems like a sweet, low-maintenance, she's-really-in-love-with-William gesture. And if this is any indication of their marriage, they should last a long time.

I, personally, didn't get my makeup or hair done at my own wedding (I had appointments, but circumstances dictated otherwise -- long story), and was perfectly happy with the way I looked. And when I think back to my wedding, I think more of my husband and my family and my friends than the hours it took to get ready. Granted, I'm not a princess, and my wedding wasn't broadcast for trillions of people to see. (Note: Kate, don't forget to put mascara on the outer layer of your lids! Makes a big difference.)

Truth be told, I really don't think Kate is going to wind up doing her own makeup on the big day. Chances are she'll either chicken out or someone will convince her otherwise. Either way, though, she's going to look stunning!

What do you think of Kate doing her own makeup? Did you do your own makeup?


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nonmember avatar Anon

I did my own makeup but got my hair done the day before. Nothing fancy, just a trim and flat ironed.

I'm not on the edge of my seat about the royal wedding but it's more interesting to me than the any celeb who can't seem to understand it's gross to sleep with a married man and has yet to make a good movie.

Lennie Ross

I wish I could say I've been married, but I haven't. So the question is rather "would I do my own makeup at my wedding". That would depend on the scale of the event. If I get married on a beach or a vineyard among a small gathering of friends, yes. If I marry a prince on internationally broadcast television for the world to watch, I'd hire the best makeup artist there is. She's young. What does she know.

mamak57 mamak57

yes she should be able to do her own make-up she knows what she wants. and yes i did my own make-upr. that girl is so pretty she could wear a brown paper bag and look stunning.

Ella Marsh

"Note: Kate, don't forget to put mascara on the outer layer of your lids!" Ok am I the only one confused by this? Mascara doesn't go on your "lids", it goes on your lashes. It makes a big difference that way. Or is that what the "outer layer" is supposed to be?

Kimberly Williams

I did my own make-up...didn't want anyone else making look like someone I was not. I wanted to look like "me". Had my hair done and had a fabulous day!!

nonmember avatar TJ

Back in my day, many years ago, in the 60's, we did not have stylists, make up artists, etc. Although I did not select a long cotton dress and flowers in my long straight hair and sandals (which was a pretty look back then), I washed and blow dried my own hair, did my own makeup, and the photos look very nice. I agree, that Miss Middleton needs very little enhancement; she's beautiful. I would love to see her hair, however, in one of those low braided chignons at the nape of her neck, pulled away from her face, parted down the middle, over her ears, with tendrils down the sides, and a somewhat modified Empire waist dress, that can be either of soft flowing fabric or a structured silouette from the Empire waist. I hope there are no sparklies sewn into anything, but I would love to see embroidery and/or lace. A long lace veil would be lovely. If anything, those beautiful "rouched" fabric cabbage roses, perhaps at the mid Empire in the front, or, definitely, in the back where the medium train falls. Long, simple earrings, and nothing more with her tiara.

nonmember avatar Tuchka

The only regret I have about my wedding looks is not doing my hair myself. I designed my dress (my mom sewn it), of course, I did my makeup. The silly hairdresser created a matronly updo, while my hair could look great with a high bun (it works for my type of face). You do it - you control it. If someone else does it, there is always a chance they see things with a different eye.

Paula Mittel

I did my own make-up, hair and nails. I wanted my husband to see me, the same girl he saw for the past few years, only a tad bit prettier. And the tears in his eyes when he saw me the first time were priceless.

nonmember avatar Allie

IF I ever remarry (been divorced 20 yrs), I'm going full on professional this time (both previous marriages were DIY). I'll book a bride and groom spa package somewhere nice, with massages, facials, pedicures, manicures and anything else that suits my fancy, including having my hair and makeup done professionally.

Lizzy Leigh Vasquez

I think this just goes to show her self confidance in herself. I'm sure she will look fantastic, no mater what she decides to do.

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