More Imitation Jeans -- This Has Got to Stop!

pull on denimI always thought that when people from other countries thought of Americans, they typically thought of things like the New York Yankees, Coca-Cola, and blue jeans. Americans love their jeans, right? I mean, Bruce Springsteen's iconic "Born in the USA" album cover is of pair of jeans. Or dungarees, as you may call them.

Then why in the sam hell are we doing everything in our power to wear everything under the sun that looks like jeans -- except jeans themselves? First there was jeans with stretch, then there was jeggings, next came pajama jeans, now the latest in non-jean jeanswear is pull-on-denim!


I'll admit, lots of my jeans have stretch in them. And, yes, I have been known to rock a pair of jeggings time and again (ones with actual zippers and pockets, though, none of that painted on business). But pajama jeans and pull-on-denim, or "pod" as the kids are calling it, is where I draw the line, for God's sake.

Is it that we're that lazy to zip and button a pair of pants, or has it just become a proverbial peeing contest with designers to see who can come up with the most non-jean-like pair of jeans? It's almost hard to tell whether or not it's a joke sometimes. Especially with a campaign like the one pull-on-denim is running. Their site (seriously) states:

Never before has a jean posed so many philosophical questions: Will I ever wear pants with a zipper again? Is it wrong to sleep in jeans? How can something that is SO comfortable be SO stylish?

Easy! It can't! And, yes, it is wrong to sleep in jeans -- unless you're a sophomore in college who also happens to have expletives written all over your face in Sharpie. And, no, you shouldn't stop wearing pants with a zipper! What is the denim world coming to?! Madness, I say!

Come on, ladies! What do you say? Why don't we all rock a pair of old school, actual denim pants tomorrow? Do it for the kids! Enough of this imitation crab meat. Let's bust out the real stuff. It'll be fun, no? The only downside is after we get home at night, we'll actually have to change into pajamas.

What do you think of all these non-jean jeans?


Image via Beija-Flor

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