Bra Promises TWO Cup Sizes, But At What Cost? (VIDEO)

It seems like women everywhere are always in search of the miracle bra that will do ACTUAL miracles and transform their tiny boobs into an amazing and voluptuous set. The new Victoria's Secret Miraculous (push-up) Bra promises to give wearers two full cup sizes, which is fairly insane, and yet users say it works.

Becky Worley is a Good Morning America correspondent and she decided to put the bra's claims to the test. The result is below:


It works, which is awesome, of course. Becky went from a 36A to 36C in the time it took her to walk into the dressing room and hook a bra. Victoria's Secret claims that special padding lifts you up and out, instantly adding up to two full cup sizes for maximum cleavage and fullness.

But what is the cost here?

It's false advertising! Even worse than implants, the bra comes off and you're two full cup sizes smaller than you were when you started. We women wear heels to be taller, makeup to cover up blemishes, but somehow this feels even more dishonest.

It may make us feel more confident, but we're just perpetuating the idea that there is a breast size that is more attractive than another. If we want everyone to be "hot," how do bras that make us look like (fake) Barbies help us get there?

Would you wear a bra like this?


Image via Victoria's Secret

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