Kate Middleton Designs Her Own Wedding Dress: True or False?

Kate MiddletonRumors have flown over the identity of Kate Middleton's wedding dress designer.

Now reports are emerging that Kate designed the dress herself.

What do you think?


According to the Daily Mail, Kate designed the dress with the help of Sophie Cranston, a small scale designer who has worked for Alexander McQueen and Alice Temperley.

The Daily Mail describes the dress as ivory satin and lace with pearl buttons and a 10-foot train.

Says the Daily Mail:

[Kate] has also included what is described as a ‘nod’ to the iconic Emanuel wedding dress worn by Lady Diana Spencer, but has avoided including any of its ‘flounce.’

The DM claims its source is "impeccably-placed." It will be interesting to see if its claims are correct.

Kate is obviously very interested in fashion, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if she had significant input into her dress's design. I'm surprised she would choose Sophie Cranston to make it, though, instead of a more well-known designer.

What do you think? Do these reports sound true ... or false?


Image via UK_repsome/Flickr

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