$200,000 Pair of Shoes: Perfect for a Stripper!


Everyone has their own personal beauty vice. For some, it's a collection of lipsticks. Others love perfume and pashminas while others bask in insane and extravagant handbag collections. But most of us ladies gravitate toward one thing: shoes.

And why not? They're so simple and yet delightful. They come in so many styles and truly make the outfit. I can get an entire outfit from Forever 21 and style it with a pair of Louboutins and feel like the most luxurious girl in the room. But now I'm thinking $450 for a pair of shoes makes me look cheap.

Allow me to introduce you to the $200,000 House of House of Borgezie shoes. Each pair is handcrafted from solid gold and then encrusted with 2,200 brilliant cut diamonds, totalling 30 carats. Thirty carats!

These shoes are like a tiara for the feet -- an over-the-top statement about the wearer that may or may not be offensive to some. Sure it seems a little, um, shall we say, ostentatious to have shoes this expensive (and it is), but the idea of having one's feet encased in solid gold and diamonds is intriguing ... until you consider that you look like a stripper. 

Lovely as these shoes are (and they are lovely), they are way more high class escort than society function. Paris Hilton might rock them, or one of Hef's girlfriends, but no respectable woman would wear a $200,000 pair of shoes like this. If they were Italian leather or something more subdued and less bling-y, maybe.

But these aren't just tacky for a recession, they're kind of just tacky, period. They look more Payless than Prada, I'm sorry to say.

What do you think of these shoes? Worth $200K?


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cassi... cassie_kellison

How uncomfortable they must be. Solid gold, that means they have no give. If I had $200,000 I would not waste them on a single pair of shoes.

Jesse... JessecaLynn

They can't be solid gold....and be able to be worn.  Gold is very soft and malleable in its solid form.  It has to have some other sort of metal and gold plated or it wouldn't hold its form when worn.  They are very pretty to display but not practicle to wear.

Simpl... Simplicity3

I like the diamonds.

ivy801 ivy801

Not for me so does it matte rif I would buy them or not?

butte... butterflymkm

I prefer handbags. Shoes touch the ground so they get dirty to fast! And I'm a major klutz who can't walk in heels...

Photo... Photomom89

Well considering I could buy a decent house for less than that... No I would not spend that much on shoes. In fact I have NEVER spent more than $60 on a pair of shoes. I like expensive shoes but there are better things I could spend money on.

momav... momavanessa

No way that looks like a waste of money.Plus it is not my type of style anyways.

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