How to Tell Your Friend She's Got Chronic Cameltoe


The Stir reader Ayesha sent me a link to the Cuchini yesterday and I had to share it with you -- not because it covers up cameltoe (something we've covered here on The Stir more than once) ...

But because you can send a Cuchini to someone ANONYMOUSLY.


Do you have someone in mind for this kind of gift?


Now I'm trying to imagine getting one of these things in the mail, from an unknown "friend."


I'm pretty sure that if that were to happen, I WOULD NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE AGAIN.

(Maybe this is a good time to remind you ladies once again that leggings are not pants.)

One thing I'm sort of loving about the Cuchini site is its blog, which chronicles famous cases of cameltoe. Scrolling down through the photos feels a bit like rubbernecking at the scene of an accident. You feel guilty about it, but YOU JUST CAN'T LOOK AWAY.

So. Since we're talking about cameltoe, I'm wondering this:

Would you send a Cuchini to someone anonymously?

Would you wear one yourself?

I would have said no to both questions, but now that I've looked at all the cases of cameltoe on the Cuchini blog, I feel sort of paranoid. Maybe I'll be sending a Cuchini to myself soon, just in case.

I'll never tell.


Images via Cuchini

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