Go to Coachella for the Music, Stay for the Style

whitney portAre you headed to Coachella this weekend near Palm Springs, California? Me neither. I'm visiting my parents in Virginia and the only thing hip about this place is that light-wash denim is always in style. My heart and dreams will be arriving at Coachella tomorrow though, where bands like Arcade Fire and Kanye West will take the stage in front of the sold-out 100,000-person crowd filled with music and style lovers like you and me.

And if there's one thing I love more than a music festival, it's got to be music-festival attire. Attire, good women, attire. Those tops, bottoms, and shoes you can stuff into the coolest knapsack you own to brave the scorching daytime temperatures and the freezing nighttime chills will shout to the universe (because its epicenter is Coachella, of course) just how stylish and hip you really are. All the world's a stage, my friends. Plus there are a ton of celebrities there -- never want to miss a chance to look your best and snag a Hollywood hottie.


So while we aren't going to the biggest party of the year, we can still honor ourselves with a little Coachella style. First things first though, crack off the ice that's been hiding your skin all winter and get yourself a minor tan. No one wants to see your paleness anymore -- it's no longer acceptable since there are green leaves back on the trees and the birds are back from Florida.

It's at a time like this when I think, WWWD? What Would Whitney Do? Whitney Port, that tall drink of fashion from The City, is my style inspiration for the Coachella look. She's not for everyday (I'll let Aniston take that role), but she's great for this event.

So! We'll all need some over-sized sunglasses, or Ray-Bans, some comfy yet stylish flats, a small bag that goes across our shoulders that can hold our smartphones and mind-altering "vitamins," a wrist with a large watch and bangles, some super mini shorts, a blousy top and bandeau top, and a hair thing to either tie up or let down our flowing locks. Check, check, I don't do drugs, check, check, check, and check! I think we're ready.

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What do you think of Coachella style?

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