Bikini Pants. Proof That There's No Ceiling on Tacky

Bikini PantsLoyal SSGI reader Mandy sent me a link to these bikini pants.



Either wear your bikini or wear your pants.

There is no need, ABSOLUTELY NO NEED to combine the two.

And yet, it has been done. And now there's no undoing it.

(As an aside, I would like to know how on earth Mandy found this site -- but perhaps some things are better left unasked.)

What do you think about these pants?

What do they say about modern society?

How do you feel about the fact that these pants may be unearthed by archaeologists thousands of years from now and presented in a museum as "popular items of human clothing, ca. 2000 AD"?



Bikini PantsI can't stop staring at these bikini pants. They look like they would be supremely uncomfortable ...


Bikini PantsBut I could be wrong. Perhaps these are the next PajamaJeans ...


Bikini Pants

Unfortunately for the strippers and porn stars of America, these bikini pants are only available in Brazil (surprise, surprise) ... FOR NOW.

Don't be surprised, though, to see them eventually pop up as the next big As Seen on TV hit!

What do you think of Bikini Pants? Want some?


Images via Sanna's

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