POLL: Which Shoes Should I Wear?

FlickrI know I'm supposed to ANSWER the style questions on this blog, but this time, I'm going to ask one.

What do you think of these shoes with this outfit?

These shoes, by the way, are $32.50 and were sent to me by Charlotte Russe. They're fab. But they're also an olive-y green, and I don't have a whole lot of green in my wardrobe.

Enter this skirt.

I got this gorgeous J. Crew skirt for my birthday last year and never wore it because I didn't have the right top to go with it. After buying this orange cardigan, though, I realized that the purple flowers in my skirt all have dots of orange in them -- The orange cardigan was a perfect, unexpected match!

I love the idea of these shoes with this skirt, since it has a lot of dark green foliage in it as well, but I'm torn on how they look -- and I'm planning on wearing this outfit at Mom 2.0 this weekend!


See my other shoe option and take my SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT WHAT SHOES SHOULD I WEAR POLL after the jump!





Lindsay Ferrier

Here's option number two: A cute pair of nude Jessica Simpson wedges I picked up at Dillards for the trip. What do you think? 


The Great Shoe Poll
Which shoes should I wear?
The green sandals!
The nude wedges!



Choose carefully, ladies. MY FATE COULD HINGE ON YOUR DECISION.


Disclosure: Charlotte Russe sent me the green shoes, just so you know. That has nothing to do with why I'm wearing them in this post, but I wanted to, you know, DISCLOSE.

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