Look What I Found at TJ Maxx!

Lindsay FerrierLast week because of a flight cancellation, I was trapped in Denver for 24 hours.

Luckily, I was with friends and so we spent the unexpected time together doing what friends do:


16th Street in downtown Denver is like one big, long outdoor mall, complete with free trolleys outside to help you get where you want to go quickly. We hopped off at TJ Maxx and I couldn't believe all I found!

For example, check out this dress!

Whenever I go to TJ Maxx, I scour the racks for Calvin Klein dresses. Longtime readers know I'm a fool for Calvin Klein dresses -- they're shockingly well made for the price and last eons. Plus, TJ Maxx has always got at least a few on hand.

I found this adorable retro-style polka dot dress for $49.99. It was originally $128. SCORE!

See how I styled it to wear at Mom 2.0 in New Orleans this weekend, and check out more amazing TJ Maxx finds after the jump!






Lindsay FerrierWhile I love this dress, the print is a little, um, noticeable. However, I couldn't resist it because of the swingy, full skirt. So I bought this orange cardigan from J.Crew to wear with it. I know. ORANGE. But it works! Here's how I plan to wear it. Just call me Betty Draper!


TJ MaxxThe best deal I found was this Max Studio dress. Originally $118, I paid just $29.99 for it -- and I've worn it all week long! You can't see it in this photo, but it's a black/white stripe print. It's as comfortable as a t-shirt and perfect for running around in this spring and summer. This past week, I've worn it with a denim jacket from GAP.

Lindsay FerrierFinally, check out this cute gingham top by Tommy Hilfiger. It retailed for $40 and I got it for $19.99. It's already been through the wash and I really need to iron it before I wear it again, but I put it on for the photo. This is what I wore to host my daughter's 7th birthday party over the weekend. LOVE.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that TJ Maxx has plenty of clothes in right now that are perfect for spring/summer and very on-trend. The only thing that would make TJ Maxx better is if it had a website for online ordering.

What do you think of TJ Maxx? Found anything great there lately?

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