'America's Next Top Model' Recap: Molly Proves Nasty Models Finish First

America's Next Top Model recapAs the models dwindle down, we are left with six contestants. In this week's episode of America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks announces to the remaining girls that they will be going to Morocco.

Road trip! But the excitement is cut short as they realize one model would have to go home before they pack their bags for their oversees experience. To be honest, sure we've watched these girls pose with creepy crawlers, but the obstacles in this week's episode weren't exactly easy to overcome.

After watching a round of go-sees in Los Angeles and a photoshoot in a landfill surrounded with bird poop and nastiness -- I knew it was gonna be a rough judging. We watched the girls really fight for those five plane seats to Morocco. And when all is said and done, it seems like a bad attitude and over-competitiveness is no reason to go home. Prepare to tear up; I did.


The show starts on a great note, as all of the girls make up from the drama that happened last week. Brittani and Alexandria are fine, and dare I say it -- Alexandria is becoming much more likable than I anticipated. Friendships mended, the girls are given another modeling lesson from Tyra. She explains the important components to creating a great portfolio, and we watch as model Molly, a 22-year-old from South Carolina, gives her first negative testimony of the show. It's no secret that all models want to go to Morocco. But geez, she was just so abrasive last night -- saying she'd be livid if she didn't make the cut.

The girls find out they'll be going on a round of go-sees in the Los Angeles area. Huge score for Alexandria, who's from L.A., considering their drivers are not allowed to navigate for them. With a map and a bag of clothes, each girl takes a stab at traveling freeways and cross streets. Alexandria comes out on top, booking every go-see she went on and landing a global campaign with handbag designer Lana Marks. I'd say it wasn't just because she's from the area, but more because she's actually doing an amazing job. Whether or not the persona is "fake," she's really learning how to sell herself. She knows when to smile and be serious, and more importantly, she's FINALLY learned how to respect others. Talk about a serious turnaround from the beginning of cycle 16, eh?

Enter the trash. The models are given some seriously gorgeous couture gowns for a seriously disgusting setting. As I watched girl after girl model amongst garbage, I could almost smell the stank and couldn't help wondering when Wall-E was going to emerge from around the corner. Nevertheless, the photos, when shown at panel, were actually gorgeous. Note to self: Trashy can be beautiful. Especially when you roll around in it. Kudos, Brittani!

We find out at judging that Molly would have won the slot for Mark's campaign if she gave off a better attitude. Judge Nigel Barker comments on this, saying that's his biggest critique of her. And after watching negative testimony after testimony this episode, I couldn't agree more. But when Molly and sweet Southern belle Jaclyn are the last two standing before the judges, Jac is sent home, and I'm brought to tears. She's just so honest, optimistic, and positive. And well, now, she's so gone.

So now we're left with four blondes and a lone brunette. Will Brittani make the cut? Will Alexandria stay ... sweet? Only time will tell what's in store for the modelistas once they get to sunny Morocco. 

Who are you rooting for? And what do you think of the judges' decision to give Jaclyn the boot?

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