Don't Poo Poo This Couture Dress Made From Toilet Seat Covers

TolettaHonestly, I'm surprised this story isn't about a challenge on Project Runway.

But the idea and execution actually come from Toletta, makers of fashionable toilet seat covers for fashionable ladies. Who pee.

Designer Laura Dreger is the creative genius behind this dress, which took 100 hours and 520 toilet seat covers to make.

I'm just going to ask the obvious question now.


Weren't there more intelligent ways to get publicity for disposable toilet seat covers?

On the other hand, would I be writing about toilet seat covers on this blog if this dress hadn't been made?

Uhhhh. Point taken.


This dress isn't the first clever attempt Toletta has made to get its toilet seat covers a little added publicity. The company also shot a few high fashion ads featuring models on the john. Witness:


Cute. Although I'm not a big fan of the slogan.

Toletta. Because you never know.

So vague. So boring. How about:

Toletta. Paper for the Pooper.


Toletta. This pee's on us.


Anyway, the fashion photos earned them a mention on Marie Claire's fashion blog, so their efforts are clearly getting a little more notice than they would otherwise.

What do you think of the concept of high fashion toilet seat covers?

Images via Toiletta

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