Camel Toe Fixer Proves We’re Way Too Obsessed With Our Lady Parts

camelAlright, if camel toe has earned itself such a legitimate place in modern society that it actually has earned itself a special device to ... fight it, can we at least stop calling it camel toe? It's disgusting!

It's true, ladies. The time has come. There is actually an apparatus for sale, a little something to slip into your unmentionables that will erase any trace of your having a vagina whatsoever, allowing you to look like a living, walking Barbie to the outside world. Actually referred to, on the website, as the "brainchild" of a woman who "suffered the occasional embarrassment of camel toe," I present to you ... SmoothGroove.


Am I immature? Yes. Is this utterly ridiculous and unbelievably hilarious? Hell yes! My personal favorite part of the site is where it states:

Can’t decide which color or want to treat someone to their own SmoothGroove? Buy more than one SmoothGroove and get a discount!

What is happening here?! Who, in their right mind, would want to wear what basically looks a plastic, bedazzled maxi pad each day, nevertheless buy one for someone else? "Here, sis. I didn't know what to get you for your birthday ... until I saw SmoothGroove." "Sis, you shouldn't have! You know me so well!" This is a real life Saturday Night Live skit.

Hilarity and general ickyness aside, where is it going to end, ladies? We wear thongs to avoid VPL (Visible Panty Line -- P.S. Panty? Another gross word.), wax, vattoo, and vajazzle, and now a ... plastic cup-type thing in our underwear? It seems like we're spending an awful lot of time grooming, prettifying, and hiding stuff down there, and it has to stop!

Perhaps I'm just being naive, though. Maybe women will be flocking in droves to their nearest SmoothGroove dealer. What do I know? Do people actually do vattooing? I, for one, think it's completely, we've-gone-off-the-deep-end mad. But I will be going back to the site when I need a good laugh.

What do you think of SmoothGroove?

Image via indigoprime/Flickr

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