Lego Stilettos Sound Awesome, But Aren't

legosLondon never disappoints when it comes to funky fashion, so when I read about high-heeled Lego stilettos, I thought my life was suddenly complete. Find husband, children, and patent for miniature lap giraffes suddenly dropped off life's to-do list and all I could think about was finding these Lego shoes.

I mean, they sound amazing, don't they? British artist Finn Stone is the madman behind this dream in a shoe, and debuted his work at the Affordable Art Fair in London last month. I'm not so sure I would call them "affordable" though. These puppies will cost you a pretty penny ... and that's not the worst news that I found out about them (oh no!). Guess it's back to searching for love and a scientist who's willing to do things to a giraffe's DNA that would be classified as "unspeakable."


Let's start with the cost. These one-of-a-kind Leg-Go Stilettos are $2,600. Do you know how many thrift store shoes I could buy, how many 10-year-olds I could hire, and how many Legos I could get for that kind of money? My underage team and I would turn out Lego stilettos like hot cakes. We'd sell them on Manhattan street corners and turn a profit in the one day we were open before we got arrested.

Stone understands that they're kinda pricey, and he wanted to make these shoes because he wasn't allowed to play with Legos as a kid. Why we have to literally pay the price for his childhood deprivation, I have no idea. But the cost of the shoes isn't the worst news.

When you heard "Lego high heels," did you picture shoes entirely crafted from Legos? I did. I thought some genius had built his own little Lego blocks and built a wearable shoe. Then I figured we the consumer could adjust the height of the heel by adding more Legos, or turn them into flats by removing some, or adding in different color blocks depending on the season, etc. But no -- it's just Legos glued to an already existing shoe. Get yourself a glue gun, an old pair of heels, and your kids' Legos and go to town.

Or if you're so inclined to have Stone make you a pair, you can email him and you two crazy kids can work something out. Carrie Bradshaw would be proud of your spending habits and flare for the dramatic.

Would you wear Lego stilettos?

Photo via jrphotoking/Flickr

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