Missing Socks Inspire a Truly Hilarious Ad Campaign (VIDEO)

GEMissing socks.

Their disappearance is a mystery that nearly all of us have experienced, but it's also one we don't often discuss, perhaps out of shame or fear of appearing careless.

Well, my sock losing friends, it's time to come out from the shadows.

GE has launched an ad campaign addressing the phenomenon of missing socks, and while plenty of brands have tried to be catchy and humorous in their advertising ventures, I'm writing about GE's Sock L.O.S.S. campaign because IT REALLY IS HILARIOUS.

I know. I can't believe it either.

See the truly funny videos after the jump.


This video is my favorite. It's a spoof of a news magazine spot on missing socks and it is very clever and LOL funny, to boot:

And GE's first video in the campaign, about a group of sock protesters, is also worth watching:

I don't know that these videos will make me choose GE the next time I buy a washer/dryer, but I do appreciate their advertising team's cleverness and I'm pretty sure they'll be winning a bunch of awards for this campaign.

You can read more about Sock L.O.S.S. prevention by visiting the SockLoss.com website.


Image via SockLoss.com

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