Pregnant Natalie Portman Craves Cake, Drops Veganism

Natalie PortmanI love it!

Natalie Portman, who is, I mean was, vegan, says she dropped the practice after becoming pregnant and experiencing a craving for cookies and cake. I mean eggs.

She told Atlanta's Q100 Bert Show:

Eggs I wanted in the beginning but then they grossed me out after a while. If you're not eating eggs, then you can't have cookies or cake from regular bakeries, which can become a problem when that's all you want to eat.

Isn't it nice to know Natalie is listening to her unborn child's demands for cookies and cakes just like the rest of us did?

I had some very odd cravings during both my pregnancies and I'm betting you did, too. Tell me about them in the comments!

I'll tell you mine -- after the jump!


When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had a crazy craving for sauteed spinach. I ate a bag of spinach every day, sauteed with Parmesan cheese. I haven't eaten it since! I also craved Edy's Double Fudge Brownie ice cream. It tasted like heaven while I was pregnant, but afterward I bought a carton, had a bite, and was all meh.

When I was pregnant with my son, I craved those nasty, waxy chocolate mini-donuts that you buy in bags from the grocery. I LOVED them, and my husband made so much fun of me for buying them that I would hide them where he wouldn't see them!

Again, I had one after my pregnancy and couldn't believe I had loved them so much while pregnant. They were awful!

Anyway, back to Natalie. She remains a vegetarian, but decided that she needed to listen to her body's cravings for eggs while she was pregnant, because she was probably having those cravings for a reason.

"I know there are people who do stay vegan," she said on the radio show, "but I think you have to just be careful, watch your iron levels and your B12 levels, and supplement those if there are things you might be low in in your diet."

Good advice, Natalie. Now we know why you look so healthy right now.

Now it's your turn. Tell me your craziest pregnancy cravings!


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