50 Is the New 40

Julianne MooreI've never been so excited about turning 50 before.

More women than ever are turning the big 5-0 and still looking like they're in their 30s.

One notable example?

Julianne Moore.

Honestly, I think Julianne looks better now than she ever has before, particularly here on the March cover of InStyle magazine. It's hard to believe she's 50!

She attributes her youthful appearance to staying out of the sun. She says that she even goes so far as to walk on the shady side of the street because her skin is so fair.

Want to see more celebrities who've reached 50 and still look HAWT? Read on!




VersaceMadonna is perhaps the most famous celeb to reach her 50s (she's currently 52). Her teenage daughter is now giving her a run for her money in the looks department, but Madonna's holding on! It's going to be interesting to see how that plays out!


Christie BrinkleyChristie Brinkley is 57, believe it or not. Is she looking fabulous OR WHAT?! I do believe she has found the fountain of youth.


Amy GrantAmy Grant is 50 this year and still looking great!


Michelle PfeifferAnd Michelle Pfeiffer is still beautiful at 52.

What do you think of these lovely 50-something-year-old ladies?


Images (top to bottom): InStyle, Versace, Prevention, Good Housekeeping, Splash News

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