Ugliest Jeans of All Time. Hands Down.

EtsyJust when I thought the sperm jeans couldn't be topped ...

Etsy does it again.

According to the seller of these Upcycled Ruffle Jeans with Crochet Bows:

American Eagle jeans....but now with crochet bows, slits up the side... that will perfectly fray in the wash,... and double ruffle bottom edges..! Now I think you have the cutest jeans in the entire world... I am serious.

When the seller has to end her pitch with "I am serious," that's really not a good sign, is it?

I'm also wondering what was going through the model's mind as she posed for this photo ...



Etsy"Maybe a random sweatband and sunglasses will distract people from looking at these hideously fugly pants."


Etsy"Is this payback for the time I went out on a date with her ex-boyfriend?"


Etsy"Party in the front ... party in the back."


Etsy"Paris and Milan? WATCH OUT."

Unfortunately, this particular pair of jeans has now sold, but feel free to convo the seller. I'll bet she'd make you your own pair!!!

What do you think of these FABULOUSLY FUGLY JEANS?


Images via Etsy

h/t: Regretsy

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