'Real Housewives of New York' Newbie Makes Vaginas Sparkle

Cindy Barshop
Cindy Barshop
Real Housewives of New York
is back for Season 4, and there's a new Housewife on the block, ladies. Introducing Cindy Barshop, who's 46 and a single mom by choice of cute 15-month-old twin girls, Jesse and Zoe. Of course, inquiring moms want to know how such a seemingly nice, self-made woman like Cindy got her "in" on the Real Housewives.

Well, she hangs with the fancy people of New York, of course. She knows costar Ramona Singer from the Hamptons (well, la tee da) and Jill Zarin was a client at one of her hair-removal spas. Barshop owns a popular chain called Completely Bare. And that's not all! She's also credited with inventing a service that makes a woman's vagina sparkle like the top of the Chrysler Building. Oh yes.


Cindy Barshop was working in telecommunications for IBM when she learned about Epilight, a machine that uses light to permanently remove hair, and decided to open her first spa in New York City in 1998 to make the innovative service accessible to the masses (of rich New York ladies). Barshop now has nine stores across the country. They like it, they really like it.

The stores have done well for Barshop too, as she's the breadwinner for her family of three -- and apparently goes to the Hamptons from time to time. It probably didn't hurt that she's also named as the inventor of vajeweling, a fun and sparkly crystal application for decorating the vagina -- which I'm pretty sure is just like the ever-popular vajazzling. Because, how did we ever live without vajeweling? Her spa also offers "vatoos," pretty but temporary airbrushed designs for your sweet spot.

Oh, please, please, please, let this mean there will be an entire episode dedicated to Housewife vajeweling. How fun would that be?

Have you heard of vajeweling or vajazzling? Have you paid to have it done? Would you?


Image via Bravo

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