Taxidermy Jewelry. Oh Yes. Taxidermy Jewelry.

EtsyAre your jewelry options feeling a little stale?

Inject some (former) life into your... life with taxidermy jewelry!

These Magic Mummified Mystery Hands, for example, used to belong to some creature or other that ended up becoming roadkill. Now, they can adorn your delicate earlobes for the entirely reasonable price of $38!

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This Pot Bellied Pig Hoof Pendant (Etsy, $26) is sooooo much more than a necklace! Here's its backstory from the Etsy seller:

The hoof is from a very old pot-bellied pig that was once a pet on a hobby farm. He escaped one day and his owners were never able to recapture him. He stayed close to the farm, living in the woods and sneaking back in the evenings to eat food they left out for him. They saw him lurking around on a somewhat regular basis for several years after his escape, but then one day he stopped coming and eating the food. About a year later the owner of the farm was walking through the woods and spotted some animal bones under a tree. Upon inspection they proved to be the pig's bones. Scavengers had made off with most of the skeleton, but the skull and toenails were still there. After acquiring the bones I knew I had to create a remembrance in his honor and pass along the story.

Brings a tear to my eye...


EtsyPerhaps you're in the market for a REAL racoon's heart enshrined in a special box. This would be a fantastic conversation piece at your next cocktail party! It can be yours for just $45!


EtsyAnd I can't leave out these... special Claw and Ball Earrings (Etsy, $45), made from the feet of a real dove. FAB. U. LOUS.


EtsyWhat woman wouldn't want to adorn her delicate neck with this luxe fur and eyeball necklace (Etsy, $82.50)? This particular eyeball, after all, is a genuine glass eye used in taxidermy fawns. Awwwwww....


EtsyFinally, complete the look with a real birdwing hat (Etsy, $65)! I can only hope Kate Middleton is reading ...

What do you think of these looks, ladies?


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