Elf Ears: A Body Modification Only a Vulcan Can Love

elf earsYou know what movie I really like? Jurassic Park. It's got to be my favorite film of all time. I can't turn it off when it's on TV, and I'll likely pop in my DVD probably three times a year. Now, would I ever alter my body to honor this greatest movie ever made? No. I would not get a dinosaur tattoo, nor scales, nor a tat of spoon with shaking jello on it. There are women of another ilk, though, that have no problem taking their fan-girl tendencies to the next level.

Introducing "body modification" in which you can turn the ears your mother gave you into ears that Spock gave you.


It's apparently a new trend that's gaining momentum among young women who want to stand out, forever. Good Morning America found and interviewed Steve Hayworth, a self-titled "body modification" artist who will make your ears as pointy and elf-like as you choose.

Notice that I didn't say Dr. Steve Hayworth. I find it very alarming that this guy can just chop at your ear, rearrange your cartilage into a point, sew you back up and send you on your way without so much as a dental degree.

I understand that 18-year-old girls can enter a tattoo parlor and permanently change their bodies, but I think getting elf-ears is a different story. Call me old fashioned, but I'd like there to be a doctor on hand when there's surgery involved, any surgery.

GMA talked to Dr. Author W. Perry who warned that there are major risks involved with this type of body modification -- like infection that could destroy your ear in a matter of days. And he warns that when you mess with cartilage, it's almost impossible to reverse. At least some tattoos you can get laser removed, but sounds like elf-ears are permanent.

Sci-Fi is having a real moment in our culture right now. With Twilight, Hunger Games, and the Star Trek remakes getting lots of fans excited and into the plot lines and characters, I hope that young fans don't get too wrapped up in the fantasy. And if elf-ears really take off and become super popular, we'll probably see middle aged woman walking around in hats all the time in about twenty years.

What do you think of the elf-ear trend?


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