Kate Middleton Proves Hats Don’t Have to Look Dorky

kate middletonDid you guys hear the one about a Royal Wedding happening in three weeks? A regular old lady is going to become a princess! And where there's a fancy British occasion, there are fancy hats. That's what I hear anyway. The only hat I've ever worn was a felt bowler when I was going through my Blossom phase. But Kate Middleton does it right. She is a real lady with real class, and really beautiful lids.

I'm hoping that hats become a fashion trend for us here in the Colonies. The Real Housewives have been trying to make them happen for us every season, but when you get drunk at horse races and argue like pre-teens, it kinda makes hat wearing look ridiculous. One cannot just simply wear a hat to be classy (looking at you, Gretchen Rossi), one must be classy to wear a hat (am I right, Queen E.?)


I, for one, will never be sophisticated nor glamours enough to pull off a designer hat. I get that about me, so I won't force it like some OC cast members. But I would still like to see more hats in my life. They'd be something I could ogle and admire and aspire toward owning. A little touch of femininity and charm never hurt anyone.

Kate Middleton looks great in every headpiece she throws on. Feathers, wool, or jewels, it doesn't matter what the hat is made of, she's worn them all, and worn them with confidence and charisma. She is an inspiration!

Let's make sure we all know that trucker hats are out of the question (even this one), and those darn hippie snowboarding winter hats that guys wear in the summer with shirts and t-shirts ... those are out, too. And any sort of visor is a no-no. Oh! But you know what I will allow? Cowboy hats on men. If they're nice, clean, and well-fitted, they are by all means an acceptable head ornament at these fancy occasions I'll never be invited to.

I'd like to see hats make a comeback at weddings, funerals, and graduations. Do you see many hats at these events in your town? I don't. I see guys in gym shorts at church and women chewing gum at wakes. I'd like to see some beautiful head coverings, instead.

Since I'm not cultivated enough to own or wear a hat, I hope others with style panache and sophistication start wearing them like Kate Middleton. Some ladies need to awaken their inner princess for the benefit of our entire nation. Take a hat for the team!

Would you like to see hats make a comeback?

Photo via Chris Jackson/ Getty

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