Jennifer Garner Cleans Up: How to Get Her A-List Look

Jennifer GarnerWe've spent so much time here discussing how NORMAL Jennifer Garner always looks when she's out with her kids (which is most of the time) that I had totally forgotten she could ever clean up and look like this!

Look at Jennifer Garner, y'all!


In her recent appearances promoting the film Arthur (which I hear is a real bomb, by the way), Jennifer looks incredible -- better than she ever has before, in my opinion.

And I find this terribly exciting, because when I check out her face up close, I see she's done a few very simple things to achieve this transformation -- things you could easily do, too.

Want to know her secrets?



First off, the majority of Jen's transformation is achieved through ...



I can see in Jennifer's close up photos that her makeup artist put a whole bunch of singles at the edges of Jen's lashline, and after going to Fashion Week last fall, I learned that the A-list makeup artists use the exact same lash singles that I get at the drugstore:

Andrea LashesAndrea permalash Flair Short Black eyelashes (, $3.29). Be sure and get the short black ones -- The mediums look ridiculous.

I wrote an easy-to-follow photo tutorial last year on how to apply these-- you can check it out here. Practice a few times and it'll be an easy peasy look for your next date night. You'll be AMAZED at what a difference a few extra lashes can make!


DrugstoreAnother must-have item in Jennifer's A-list makeup arsenal? Black liquid liner. I'm smitten right now by Cover Girl's Line Exact Liquid Liner Pen (, $6.99), which you basically draw on like a Sharpie. I actually start with a black powder liner to keep the line from looking too stark, then draw the liquid liner over it for more intensity. Come to think of it, I did a photo tutorial on this subject, as well! Check it out here.


Drugstore.comFinally, you need a curling iron to get those Hollywood-Style waves, and you won't be rolling up your hair in the iron like we used to do back in the eighties. Instead, you wrap pieces of your hair around the barrel (you can do it with your regular curling iron or one specifically made for wrapping, like this Conair Mini Pro, $18.99 at See my video tutorial on getting Jennifer's curls here.

I can't wait to copy Jennifer's look on my next date night.

How about you?


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