'America's Next Top Model' Recap: Brittani Has a Meltdown at Judging

Not a day goes by that we don't hear about another bullying story. From Casey the Punisher to "Friday" singer Rebecca Black, media outlets are eating up cases of harsh treatment and the underdog. Clearly America's Next Top Model wanted a slice of the bullying pie, because on last night's episode -- viewers were given a harsh reality check that bullying isn't just for the younger crowd. 

Twenty-one-year-old Alexandria, cycle 16's "mean girl," was reamed out by fellow contestant Brittani at a photo shoot and blatantly told by every other contestant that they wanted her to go home. Ouch, that's gotta hurt. Sure, she may have her snobby moments -- but I actually feel sorta bad for her. No one deserves to be that uncomfortable in their living space. Don't these other models know that bullying is just so totally not attractive?!


Last night's episode started on a positive note, I swear. The girls were told that they'd be modeling for a breast cancer campaign sponsored by Ford called "Warriors for Pink." Each model was given a "warrior symbol" to represent, such as courage or "the tree of love." OK, so the symbols didn't really make too much sense for me, but at least the girls looked good doing the shoot and were able to pose for a positive message.

Alexandria won the challenge and was told she'd be in a national ad campaign. Wahoooo! So exciting right? Well, that gets a tad overshadowed when Nigel rolls out a brand new Ford Focus for the California girl, telling her that she won herself some wheels as well. Enter one of the biggest competition prizes in ANTM history, and a massive dose of group jealousy. That, my friends, is when this happens:

Yeah, it isn't pretty. I'm totally one of those people that changes the channel during reality confrontation as if I were an active part. I feel so awkward for her. And while I can see why some of the girls think she's fake, this is just blatantly rude. You can tell Brittani has lost it. And it's unfortunate that it happened here in front of Nigel. AKA it's going to be brought up in panel.

The episode continues as the girls attend a psychotic photo shoot where each lady is "crazy for" a certain fashion item -- including accessories, shoes, fur, hair, sales, and my favorite look, makeup. I feel like I'm watching Alice in Wonderland and I'm waiting for Johnny Depp to come out of nowhere. And when all's said and done, Southern belle Jaclyn gets best photo at judging.

... About judging. We watch as Brittani hyperventilates and has a panic attack when Nigel brings up the inappropriateness of her actions to the rest of the judging panel. Banks makes it clear that if she had her way, she'd be sending Brittani home. Unfortunately, the pint-sized model takes amazing photos, and the rest of the judges outvote Banks and send Mikaela home instead.

So does the bully come out victorious? Well, not necessarily. It's clear that Britt feels horrible for what she did. I can't imagine feeling so hated on by the very people that decide your fate in an industry you're dying to be a part of. I'm just not too sure if she will be able to pull out of this one. And with that, Alexandria "the victim" lives to model another day.

What did you think of the models' confrontation? Was Tyra wrong to keep Brittani on the show?

Image via The CW

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