Shorts Are Hot! Here's How to Wear Them.

TalbotsShorts are HUGE this spring, and I know that this news has some of you shaking in your Topsiders.

Take heart, though. This season's shorts look is a dressier, layered one, which makes it very mom-friendly. 

Many magazines are even featuring shorts as work attire this season. I can't imagine that very many workplaces are cool with shorts, but if you're allowed to rock that look at your workplace, go for it!

Otherwise, just follow the advice in these photos and you'll look smashing, wherever you go.

Take this peasant top and short combo from Talbots, for example.

The blousy effect allows you to show off a little more leg than usual without looking trashy.

At the same time, these shorts aren't SO short that you're wondering how that cellulite looks to the people behind you!

Add a long necklace and you're one stylish mama!

Want to see more fantastic ideas on how to wear shorts this season?

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J. CrewJ.Crew's catalog features this shorts ensemble, which I love. The belt adds a nice touch and the cardigan provides great, lightweight camouflage for your midsection.


TalbotsHere's a classy way to wear shorts -- I'm seeing lots of magazine editorials pairing them with a Chanel-style jacket, as in this Talbots catalog pic. Chic!


J. CrewJ.Crew likes mixing a bright pair of shorts with a contrasting cardi. This look is totally on trend right now.


TalbotsI love this top Talbots pairs with white shorts. Casual yet elegant.


J. CrewHere's another cute option from J.Crew. Gingham shorts. Love. And don't be afraid to roll up the cuffs if you've got great gams!


TalbotsFinally, a last look at Talbots' catalog spread, with a cardi and high-heeled sandals.

These looks have me wanting to search my closet and give shorts another go -- I'm betting you already have variations of these looks in your closet as well.

And if you're worried about your legs in shorts, check out this post I wrote last summer with a few great tips I use regularly on how to make your legs look fabulous!

Will you wear shorts this summer?


Images via Talbots and J.Crew catalogs

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