Short Shorts, Perfect Distraction From Those Flabby Abs

lilac mauve shortsShort shorts are back! Finally, a spring/summer style I can look forward to -- cause let's face it, not every new trend works for every body type (I'm looking at you, skinny jeans). Let me be clear, though, I'm not talking about cheek-showing short shorts. No Daisy Dukes, please. Not even! This spring, we're seeing lots of sophisticated-looking shorts that fall a good couple of inches below the cheeks.

These shorter shorts are heavenly for short women who look squatty in long bermuda or walking shorts and perfect for those of us apple-shaped bodies who carry our weight in the middle and not in the legs.

Let's take a look at some of the season's best short shorts -- cause if you've got legs, then flaunt them, baby.


A few tips for wearing short shorts:

  • Tailored, not tight: Look for a leg line that is tailored, not tight on the hips and thighs.
  • Not too much skin: You already have a lot of leg showing. For balance, couple short shorts with a fitted blazer, a cardigan, or a loose but tailored blouse or T-shirt.
  • Heels, not too high: Keep the heels or wedges on the lower side, no higher than 2.5-3 inches. Flats can look great with shorter shorts too!

white shorts short

Linen Deck Shorts ($59.50) at Madewell

purple mauve shorts gap

Clean Front Shorts ($39.95) at Gap

denim shorts

Basic Denim Shorts ($12.80 $10) at Forever 21+

Note: The wedges paired with these denim shorts cut the legs a little short for my preference. A more open sandal can lengthen the leg a bit more.

gray short shorts j.crew

Sailor Chino Short ($68) at J.Crew

black shorts

Plus-Size Cherokee Above-Knee Basic Shorts ($17.99) at Target

petaled batik shorts

Petaled Batik Shorts ($98) at Anthropologie

olive green shorts

Heritage Short ($49.50 $41.99) at Banana Republic

Read Lindsay Ferrier's post on how to wear shorts for more great tips!

Do you wear short shorts? Will you this spring/summer?

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