TOMS Shoes Inspires Thousands to Go Barefoot Today

One Day WIthout ShoesIf you see a grown man or woman walking around barefoot today, don't hate.

Shoemaker-with-a-heart TOMS Shoes is sponsoring its annual One Day Without Shoes today. The company holds the event to highlight the number of children worldwide who go without shoes every single day of their lives.

And plenty of businesses have encouraged employees to go barefoot today, most notably AOL and online shoe retailer Zappos.

But dude. Did you have to put your bare foot on the Starbucks table? GROSS.


Dude happens to be TOMS Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie, so I guess he gets a free pass to put his skanky bare feet wherever he wants. TOMS Shoes, if you didn't know, gives a pair of new shoes to a needy child for every single pair of shoes it sells.


Celebrities like Charlize Theron have shot videos promoting the event and it's all over Twitter as well. Some of the tweets are cracking me up:

@Ericilu: Walking around barefoot for One Day #withoutshoes @tomsshoes. Someone just called me Frodo

@RebeccaDoel: While I don't think the office would be in favor of me walking around #WithoutShoes, I did wear nude pumps today. #Doesthatcount

@muchnaderby: getting a vasectomy today without shoes. So it's good for awareness but bad for me. #withoutshoes

I haven't put on shoes yet today so I'm thinking of doing it; however, I have to go to the grocery and my daughter's school book fair. Hmm. Wondering if I'll be THROWN OUT.

Check out the One Day Without Shoes website for more information and while you're here, tell me:

Are you going without shoes today?


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