Would You Let Your Man Dress You?

My husband picked this dress.
Men are good for a lot of things -- opening jars of pickles, fixing broken toys, cheering you up when you feel sad -- but then there are the things they aren't so good at ... like fashion or makeup or doing hair. I know I'm being terribly stereotypical and that there ARE indeed men who are good at those things. Sadly, I don't know them.

The men I know are all lovely and smart and fun to hang out with, but if I'm going shopping? Give me a girlfriend over my husband or a male friend any day. Unless, of course, I want to look sexy. Then give me a man. The editors of Shine took this experiment to the street and let a group of men dress their ladies. The results were mixed.

Of course they were. Some guys can't stand the way we dress and want us to dress totally different, others couldn't care less, but few really get the female fashion sensibility.


My rule of thumb is that when I want to look sexy, ask my man for advice. When I want to look professional or fashionable, I ask my friends.

The other day, I was headed out to a seminar and was dressed in something that made me feel a little fuddy duddy. When I asked my husband, he said, "Yeah, you look a bit like a '60s reject." He grabbed some accessories, messed around a little, took off my flowy cardigan, replaced it with a scarf, and made me wear boots with heels instead of flat soles.

It was a much better look.

That said, on the days my husband dresses our little girl for school, I am so embarrassed, I often end up telling the teacher she dressed herself. As in: "Oh well, 4-year-old kids have such creative styles!"

The truth is I dress to make my husband think I look good. I don't dress to impress women, and as we all know, there are many styles women love, but men do not -- leggings, headbands, and UGGs to name a few. Personally, I would much rather my husband think I look good than I think I look good. As long as I am comfortable, I would be psyched to let him pick my outfits. But not our daughter's outfits. He still has a ways to go on that front.

Would you let your husband pick your clothing?

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