Britney Spears in $10M Worth of Trouble With Dad

britney spearsBritney, what happened, girl? Things were going so well for you. You look great, you have a man, dropped a new album. Seems like in the last week or so, things have gone sour. First, Enrique drops out of your tour, now you're being sued for $10 million for perfume fraud? What up with that?

So, here's the deal: In 2003, Britney and her camp hooked up with Brand Sense, a brand-marketing company, so Britney could, in business-speak, get her perfume on. They hooked her up with Elizabeth Arden. Perfumes were made, girls across the globe smelled like flowers with a dash of Cheeto. Then, fast-forward to 2010, Britney and her dad, the poor-man's Michael Lohan, Jamie Spears, are secretly contacting Elizabeth Arden, instructing them to send all fragrance royalties to them directly (originally, it was decided that Brand Sense would get 35 percent). Hmm, fishy? Yes. Does Britney even know about it, though? Doubt it.


Even though they're hard people to feel bad for, I always kind of empathize with celebs in these situations. Britney's got handlers. Lots of 'em. I highly doubt that she's knee-deep in the business-side of her brand. In fact, I highly doubt she's involved in anything more than dancing around in a bustier and walking around barefoot in gas stations.

It's actually kinda sad -- for Brand Sense and for Britney. Brand Sense, because they're being cheated out of all sorts of money, and Britney, because her dad's trying to get his greedy little paws on more of her cash -- and he's making her look bad in the process.

Believe me, I'm not one to typically come to the defense of Britney. In my eyes, she's not one of our finer Americans. Also, I hate celebrity fragrances! Like, really hate. I don't want to smell like Britney (especially), Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, or Sarah Jessica Parker. Gross! It's weird. Stop bottling your essence, celebs, it's straight up creepy. However, I do think these women are just the faces of these ... stenches, I don't think they have much to do with anything else.

So, Britney, I'm actually on your side for once. I don't think it's right that your father and whoever else are cheating people out of money. But I also don't think you had the slightest clue.

What do you think about Britney's dad cheating people out of money?


Image Via EuPaparazzi/Flickr

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