Nicole Kidman Botox Face Appears at ACM Awards (PHOTO)

Nicole KidmanWord has it that Nicole Kidman accompanied her husband Keith Urban to the Country Music Awards yesterday, and a photographer even snapped this photo of her -- shown at left -- as proof.

Take a good look here people, I want to make sure that my contact lenses aren't due for another prescription bump up again -- because that is not Nicole Kidman.

I'm not sure who it is. A Real Housewife possibly? Kidman's wax dummy from Madame Tussauds?


As much as I don't want to believe it, celebrity photographers are usually pretty accurate about getting their photo credits right, so we may have to accept that it's really her and that it only means one thing: Nicole is hitting the Botox again. 

She'll probably deny it again, but how could she? I mean, as hard as it is to do, just look at that face. I know she's probably real excited to be there, but I don't know anyone with two kids who looks that AWAKE no matter how many nannies you have.

And speaking of those eyes -- they are two different sizes. Apparently her mouth forgot to tell her lips that it was smiling because they appear to be caught on a three-second delay up around her gums. I'll bet it took several minutes to mold her face back to non-smiling mode after that grin because it looks painful to me. In other photos, her line-less face looks downright lopsided.

If only 43-year-old Nicole remembered what Billy Zane told you back in the late '80s when you were filming the 1989 thriller Dead Calm. Zane plays Hughie Warriner, a mass murderer who hijacks Kidman's character on a sailboat, and imagines a romantic relationship with her. He told Kidman, gorgeous with no makeup, sun-kissed skin, pert nose, and wild wavy hair, that she will  "always look the same, always be beautiful no matter how old she got, even when she's 80."

Oh, Nicole, if you only listened to the psycho.

Do you think Nicole is back on the Botox?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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