The Dress Your Toddler Will Love the Most

Children's books and fashion don't usually go together in most people's minds, but one artist in Boston has proven that when the two meet, it can have pretty fabulous results.

Ryan Novelline designed and created a dress comprised entirely of Little Golden Books. He took the colorful illustrations, spread them out, strung them together, and created a dress that is both one-of-a-kind and totally wearable. Honestly. I only wish I had something I could wear this to!

Not only is it kind of an amazing idea to use all the discarded pages our children rip out of the inexpensive books, but it's also an idea that has implications in other areas.


What about a dress comprised of photographs of our children? This isn't your average mall photo screened onto a t-shirt. This is real fashion that is completely wearable that brings a warm nostalgia into all of our hearts.

After all, who didn't like the Poky Little Puppy or The Shy Little Kitten as a child? The top of the dress, the bodice, is designed to emulate the familiar gold foil that binds the spine of all the books, while the skirt is comprised entirely of pages from the familiar stories.

Who would have known that the books that defined so many of our childhoods would have also been so cute in a dress. This is what fashion is all about and I am a huge, huge fan.

Do you think this dress is awesome?

Image via Ryan Novelline

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