Ugly Fashion for a Good Cause Is Still Ugly

Fashion for a good cause SEEMS like a great idea in theory right? You buy a designer's clothing or accessories and, in return, they give money to a cause, whether it's for earthquake relief in Japan or help for breast cancer. It makes you feel good and plays on the inherent desire to kill two birds with one stone.

A win-win!

Of course, nobody is winning much of anything when the swag is ugly as sin. Take, for instance, the new Tory Burch t-shirt for Japan. The We ♥ Japan t-shirt is a great idea, with 100 percent of the proceeds of every shirt going to earthquake relief. Except for the part where it's just a plain old t-shirt, which would cost $5 in the store. Why would people pay the extra $25? Tory Burch was too poor to spring for a t-shirt people would actually want to wear?

The charity lasts through September 15 and, of course, it's the thought that counts ... but a better t-shirt would have garnered more money.


Crocs also stepped up to the plate and offered 100,000 shoes to earthquake ravaged Japan. Oh how I want to support the effort, and obviously, it's a beautiful gesture. Except for the whole Crocs part.

And what about those Lance Armstrong bracelets everyone and their mother were sporting a couple years ago? They are great. Until you realize they are just yellow rubber bands you paid too much for. I am all for merging fashion and charity, but would rather the two met somewhere that is a little more "ready to wear" so to speak.

I get that we all want to support Japan, but personally, I would rather give my money directly to Feed the Children or to the Red Cross than buy some lame t-shirt or bracelet I would never wear or donate money to Crocs to donate their shoes to Japan. 

If they really wanted to help, they would donate more money than shoes and they would make a nicer t-shirt or a pair of shoes that people would actually want to wear. This is just insulting. Slap the words "Tory Burch" on a t-shirt and call it earthquake relief? Thanks, but I will save the middleman the production time and just put my money directly into the hands of the Japanese people.

Do you think these corporate gestures are kind of lame?


Image via Tory Burch

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