Job Requirement at Marc Jacobs: Gay Porn Lover

marc jacobs logoMost of us have never heard of Robert Duffy before -- and we were probably better off for it. But you're bound to stumble upon the jerk's name sooner or later because Duffy, President of Marc Jacobs, is being sued for bad, bad things.

The company's ex-COO, Patrice Lataillade, filed suit against Duffy, oh, for doing stuff like displaying nude pictures of coworkers in the office, making employees watch porn, using the company as his personal piggy bank, and doling out mandatory pole dances. I knew fashion was a wacky industry, but, what the crap?


I'm sure Duffy and his gaggle of PR people will soon start the whole "jilted ex-employee" game since Lataillade was fired (from his $1 million a year job), but, in this case, I ain't buyin' it. In the papers filed in the New York Supreme Court, Lataillade stated:

Examples of Duffy's conduct which created a hostile work environment include his displaying [of] gay pornography in the office and requiring employees to look at it; his production and dissemination of a book which included photos of MJI (Marc Jacobs International) staff in sexual positions or nude; [and] his requirement that an MJI store employee perform a pole dance for him.

That sounds a little too involved to chalk up to being an old, bitter employee. Apparently, Lataillade was fired after standing up for Duffy's underlings, but the company is sticking to their really convincing story of his termination being a result of "serious matters unrelated to the allegations contained in the complaint." Ooh, sounds scandalous!

This is a classy website, so I'm not going to write what I'd really like to say to Robert Duffy, but the G-rated version is: You're a poo-poo head. I'm not sure if it's just because nothing is private anymore, but there seems to be an epidemic going around, where really rich, powerful men think they can do whatever they want without any repercussions (Charlie Sheen, Barry Bonds).

I hope Duffy is the one fired, the freak. And I guess we can all at least thank him for one thing -- unless our bosses "display gay pornography in the office and require employees to look at it," our jobs seem pretty good right now.

What do you think of Robert Duffy's behavior?


Image via b.frahm/Flickr

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