Woman Gets Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Man Playing a Woman

drag queensI've heard of women getting plastic surgery because they want to look younger and thinner and more sculpted. Tons of women want bigger boobs, bigger lips, or a smaller nose. However, one Ms. Collagen Westwood (that's right), age 21, of London, has spent thousands on plastic surgery hoping to look like a MAN! But not like any kind of man, but like a drag queen. In other words, this young woman is going under the knife in hopes of coming out looking like a man playing a woman. Oh, I see ...

Wow! This is seriously deep. I'm, of course, fascinated by the psychology of the whole thing. But you know what? I kinda get it. Drag queens can be pretty rad looking, and from a glamour standpoint, they're way more woman than I'll ever be.


Drag queens get away with way more outright glamour and stylizing than I could pull off in a million years -- and I'm a woman. I often have the urge to glam it up, but it never feels quite right or quite the right look for me. However, that doesn't mean I don't often pine over sexy dresses, wildly high platform shoes, and glitzy eye makeup applications. Oh, I do. I'm just jealous I'm not woman enough to throw on a platinum wig and bright red lips and head out for the night. What fun!

Collagen tells the Daily Mail:

I've admired drag queens since I was a little girl. They're glamorous and beautiful -- what woman wouldn't want to look like that? I have a couple of different wigs that I wear when I go out, and people are always assuming I'm a transvestite. I love it when people mistake me for a man. It doesn't offend me -- I think drag queens look fantastic.

So, Collagen Westwood, in her quest to drag it up (photos of Collagen here), got collagen, of course, in her lips and got a nose job. She also wants to change her breasts and remove some ribs to fit in those tiny queeny corsets. She adores Boy George and Pete Burns (Dead or Alive), and what's not to love? Those two gents have amazing style. It does worry me that Collagen's opting for plastic surgery at such a young age, but I don't mind the look she's after. Heck, let's be honest, Cher has been rockin' the drag queen look for years.

What do you think? Would you ever want to look like a drag queen?

Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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