Jessica Simpson to Design Her Own Wedding Gown? I Think Knot.

little girl brideHey, remember when the only thing Jessica Simpson wore was Juicy Couture jumpsuits? Then remember when, all of a sudden, she was a fashion designer? Oh, and remember when that line made her a bajillion-trillion dollars? Well, apparently all that cash validated her as a designer, because, announcement everyone! Jessica Simpon plans on designing her wedding dress!

Design shmasign. I think what Jessica really means is "rip the tag off of a Vera Wang gown, slap on some bedazzles, and call it a day." Jessica, you and (most other) celebrity designers have nothing to do with your clothing -- except that it bears your name. Now come, let's take a gander at some other celeb designers, and wax poetic on whether or not they actually design.


Gwen Stefani, L.A.M.B. I actually do think Gwen is somewhat involved in her clothing line. The reason being, she's been dressing the same way, more or less, since "I'm Just a Girl." And that's what her entire line looks like.

Beyonce Knowles, House of Dereon. Hell no. Beyonce's mom had been designing all the clothes for the ladies of Destiny's Child since they first got together. The line wasn't doing that well. What to do? I know! Let's slap Beyonce's name on it! Fashion empire commence.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Elizabeth & James; the Row. This is a tough one. I do think that they're more involved than other celebs in the designing of their clothes -- because the clothes are so unique and look like how they dress. But, I do find it hard to believe that they're really hands on. Maybe more muses?

Victoria Beckham, Victoria Beckham. No. Just because you wear super expensive clothes and a perfected expression of ennui doesn't mean you're a fashion designer.

Sarah Jessica Parker, President of Halston Heritage. Yes. One hundred percent yes. The faltering label approached SJP to become President of the secondary Halston line, Halston Heritage. Fashion houses don't typically approach actresses to be in charge of their lines. They take themselves seriously, and know that people probably take celebrities exactly the opposite. Sarah Jessica has always been a serious force in fashion. You know it. I know it. The American people know it. Dude, she was Carrie Bradshaw.

What do you think of Jessica Simpson designing her own dress? What other celebs do you think actually design their lines?


Image via two stout monks/Flickr

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