Is Candice Swanepoel Victoria’s Secret Latest Fallen Angel?

candice swanepoel

Candice is in the middle.

Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel is wondering right now if that almond she ate yesterday is making her look fat. The 5'9" South African beauty was supposedly promoting the new 2011 swimwear collection for Victoria's Secret yesterday in Hollywood with fellow models Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima, but people couldn't see her. She'd turn to the side and vanish. It really confused Ale and Adriana.

Aren't Victoria's Secret models supposed to be sexy and somewhat soft? I mean, their bodies are totally unbelievable, but what I admire most about them is that they're not runway sticks who eat cotton balls. They look healthy, like they've been playing beach volleyball their whole lives on the shores of Ipanema. But maybe Candice's concave stomach and invisible thighs are the new VS trend?


If so, I'm totally canceling the bagillion VS catalogs I get every month. I don't want to see someone who looks hungry try to sell me cute underwear and push-up bras. I want to see an effortlessly gorgeous woman with unattainable curves and cheekbones I'd give my left foot for in lace-lined lingerie and patterned one-pieces.

I've always thought that the Victoria's Secret models were sort of our last bastion of sanity in the modeling world. Its models are the members of the Lost Colony of beautiful, exotic, and "curvy" women upon which we can place our hopes and dreams for bigger breasts and toned buttocks. If they introduce this new breed of Candice into the Commonwealth, it will kill off the natives.

It starts with a skinny mini and ends with glossy pages full of emaciated half-beings. Save the VS models we know and love! Just say "no" to the under 100-pound gaggle. They have their places on European catwalks and velvet couches in nightclubs -- keep them out of Victoria's Secret.

Someone throw some pasta bolognese at Candice and tell her to get on board, the VS train is pulling out of the skinny station.

Do you think Candice looks too thin? Or do you think she fits right in with other VS models?

Photo via Splash News

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