Want Bigger Boobs? Try BOSOM MAX!

Bosom MaxJust when I think there's nothing new under the sun ...

Along comes the BOSOM MAX.

Apparently, the BOSOM MAX consists of a vibrating bra, a cream, and capsules, and by using it just 15 minutes a day, you can increase your breast size by up to a cup!

(No word on whether chanting, "We must, we must, we must increase our bust" while wearing the BOSOM MAX brassiere has any impact.)

And can you believe that all this and bigger boobs can be yours for the super-low price of $169.98?

Hey, it beats the cost of a boob job.


There's an absolutely hilarious video commercial to go with the ad! Click through to see it!


Shockingly, the BOSOM MAX website infomercial isn't anywhere to be found on YouTube, so you'll have to go to the BOSOM MAX website to see it.

It's totally worth watching, though. You'll LOLOLOL.

Next, check out the video testimonials. LMAO!!! I'm sorry, but every single one of these women seems to be a (seriously bad) actress. A seriously bad actress IN A PUSHUP BRA.

That's the thing about the BOSOM MAX. It's hard to tell whether it actually works because all of the "after" pics look like the same woman wearing a pushup bra!

Also, my BOSOM MAX testimonial actress friends? It's not pronounced "BUZZUM." It's "BOOH-zum." BOOH-zum. Mkay?


So what do you think about the BOSOM MAX? Can you resist its Electrostatic Vibrations???


Image via BOSOMMAX.com

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