I Got a New 'Do!

FlickrI have to say, having long hair is a dream come true.

By having long hair, I'm able to literally wash it, dry it for five minutes with a hair dryer, and go. I'm also able to go six months between haircuts.

The downside, of course, is that I wait WAAAAYY too long to make hair appointments. I wait until it looks like ... this.

Yes, this is how I looked a few days ago. My hair had gotten so long that it had become strangely aging.

It was time for a new 'do. And I decided to go to a new salon here in Nashville to get it.

Want to see the results? Read on!


First, the crazy story leading up to my hair appointment.

Some of you may remember when I hosted a party for Suave last summer. I invited over all my friends and had two stylists from the local salon hot spot in town style everyone's hair, using the new Suave Professionals line.

The stylists, Gabrael and Ellen, were AMAZING. My friends raved about them, and it was amazing how much they were able to accomplish in only about 10 minutes on each woman. You can see all the glorious before and after pics here, here, here, here, and here.

Fast-forward to a few months ago, when Chelsea, one of my oldest friends here in Nashville, emailed to say she was working at a new salon here in town called salonNfuse, and that Gaby and Ellen had moved there!

Knowing what I know about how they do hair, I made an appointment with Gaby and entrusted my Wynonna Juddesque hairdon't to her. She trimmed it up, added some fantastic long layers to give it more volume, and styled it, at my request, with the part down the middle that's so hot right now.

The result:

FlickrMuch better, don't you think?

I probably won't be rocking the center part too often -- I have a full face and I don't think the center part does anything for it except make it appear even wider. But it DEFINITELY looks a thousand times better than it did when I came in!

Thanks, Gaby!

I'm planning on working with the stylists at salonNfuse on more posts for this blog. They do hair and makeup and I know you all love seeing hair and makeup tips and how-tos on REAL PEOPLE, who aren't six feet tall and don't weigh 110 pounds!

Chelsea came up with one idea I love: How to look your best when you only have 5 minutes to get ready. Or 10. Or 15. This is the story of my life, and most of yours, I'd imagine.

Any other hair/makeup topics you'd like to see covered by the experts? Let me know in the comments and you just might see an upcoming post with answers!

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