Donald Trump Makeover on 'Oprah'! Yes, Please!

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
A Donald Trump makeover -- don't tease me ... Seriously, I might pay good money out of my own bank account just to see gazillionaire Donald Trump finally fix his frickin' ridiculous hair. In fact, this idea of a haircut for the Donald moves me so much that I want to picket or start a letter writing campaign or organize a protest against wearing one's hair in a way that simulates a dead animal. Bring it on.

Can Oprah make this much-needed Trump makeover happen? Pretty please...


Well, Oprah's people are trying with all their magical Oprah fairy dust to get Donald Trump to agree to a haircut, according to the New York Post. This is one of her grand ideas for her final episodes, and heck, I'd take a vacation day just to watch it happen. Talk about historical moments ...

C'mon, Donald. It's time. Your hair didn't make you rich, and it's not a good luck charm, so let it go. No one, I repeat, no one will vote for a President of the United States who's that sentimental about something so blonde and ludicrous.

Cut it! Cut it! Cut it! Cut it! Cut it! Cut it!

Are you dying for Donald Trump to say goodbye to that hair?


Image via Andrew H. Walker/Getty

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