Can You Really Wear This Dress 60 Different Ways? I Investigate. (PHOTOS)

Hayley StarrDo you remember many moons ago when I wrote about this $325 Hayley Starr dress, available for one day only for just $49.95?

According to its maker, it could be worn 60+ different ways!

Well, I bought one and so did many of you. Eons later, it arrived. Want to know whether it lived up to the hype? READ ON ...

I have to admit, I wasn't thrilled when the dressed arrived, crammed into a padded mailer. Is that seriously how you treat a $325 dress? Plus, it seemed like nothing more than a tube dress with extra-long, stretchy ties. It hung in my closet for several weeks before I did anything with it. Meanwhile, the messages from blog readers who'd ordered the dress were piling up. "What do I do with this thing?" "How am I supposed to wear this?" Etc.

Finally, I decided that It Was Time.

I slipped on the dress, looked at the photo at the top of this post, and started working with it.

FlickrAlmost instantly, I came up with this strapless look. Ordinarily, I don't do strapless -- it's not usually a good look on me. But I had to admit, I sort of liked this dress as a strapless.


FlickrNext, I criss-crossed the straps to create a keyhole neckline. It was cute, and I especially liked the long ties in the back, which added to the ... cuteness.


FlickrI look a little freakish in this photograph, but the dress actually makes a great cap-sleeve dress when the ties are flattened over the shoulders, criss-crossed in back, and tied around the waist. This is one of the ways I'll wear it most often.


FlickrDate night anyone? I coiled the straps and tied the remainder around my waist.


FlickrThis is one of my favorite looks: I turned the dress sideways and tied the straps in a bow at the top of my shoulder. LOVE.


FlickrAnd finally, here's a simple halter look. I like that I can make the straps wider to give it more of a daytime feel.

There are lots more ways to wear this dress, but some of them look sort of complicated and I wasn't interested in spending a long time messing with it. You can go to Hayley Starr's website to see more photos on ways to wear the dress, along with how-to videos.

All in all, I'm kind of loving this dress. It's not worth $325, but for $49.95 and a long wait, it was totally worth it!

Did you buy this dress? Would you, now that you've seen it?

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Zamaria Zamaria

Didn't buy it. Won't buy it for 325$. I would have for 49$ though! I think it may look better with a less bulky shoe. The shoes are super cute! I just don't like them with this dress. But the shoes aren't the point of the article, the dress is, and it's cute!

Traci... Traci_Momof2

I never saw when you first wrote about the dress (I'm pretty new to this site) but looking at the photos and what you can do with it, I would potentially buy it.  Certainly not for $325 (I can't imagine spending that much on anything in my wardrobe) but I think I would be willing to spend the $49.95.  Just for the 6 looks that you did here, it looks like it could be a great staple to any wardrobe.  I don't wear dresses much at all, but every woman needs something because you just never know when the occasion might come up to need a dress.  This seems like the perfect solution to have one dress that fits any dress-occasion.

nonmember avatar Shay

American apparel did it first -__-

Freela Freela

It looks cute and versatile.  I would buy it for fifty dollars... there's no dress on earth that I would buy for over three hundred dollars!

sodapple sodapple

I bought it that day too. Anyways I haven't wore it outside yet, I did try a couple of times at home. I bought the red one, for a color change. =)

Anna Smith Maynard

I missed it when it came out, but I'd have definitely bought it for $49. No way for $325..... It's a cute dress and I like the versitility of it, which makes it good for almost any occasion. In some of the looks, it seems as though the front of the dress is hiked up in the middle? Is that true? If so, that's not so good...

Linds... LindsayFerrier

The hemline is jagged, so that you can turn it in any direction. It's flowy, I like it. :) My camera is not the best for this sort of thing. Yarrgh.  :D

As for the shoes- They just came in the mail yesterday and I wanted to try them out, so I wore them for this post. I'll write about the shoes later! :)

Dewlaps Dewlaps

I bought it too when it was $49.95 and commented that I NEVER buy anything online. It sat on my dresser in the envelope for a few weeks. I finally tried it on two weeks ago with my 11 year old daughter helping me transform it into different styles. I've worn it a half a dozen times since and travelled with it. I love it. The fabric is great and I can fix the dress to suit my mood. I even changed the style mid-dinner party once. That was fun!

ajk808 ajk808

I got the dress, and it was pretty much a waste of money for me. The cut in the front of mine is way too short. It's probably because I'm over 6' tall, but I think even on a shorter person it would be rather short. I will wear it if I want to show everyone my underwear. On top of that, the quality of the dress is below my expectations. Where the fabric is sewn together, it is very uneven and looks cheap. Maybe they got a little sloppy with their construction to fill so many orders. It's useless to me, but at least I didn't pay $325 for it!

Zamaria Zamaria

Glad you plan to write about the shoes, because I really really like them!

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