Can You Really Wear This Dress 60 Different Ways? I Investigate. (PHOTOS)

Hayley StarrDo you remember many moons ago when I wrote about this $325 Hayley Starr dress, available for one day only for just $49.95?

According to its maker, it could be worn 60+ different ways!

Well, I bought one and so did many of you. Eons later, it arrived. Want to know whether it lived up to the hype? READ ON ...


I have to admit, I wasn't thrilled when the dressed arrived, crammed into a padded mailer. Is that seriously how you treat a $325 dress? Plus, it seemed like nothing more than a tube dress with extra-long, stretchy ties. It hung in my closet for several weeks before I did anything with it. Meanwhile, the messages from blog readers who'd ordered the dress were piling up. "What do I do with this thing?" "How am I supposed to wear this?" Etc.

Finally, I decided that It Was Time.

I slipped on the dress, looked at the photo at the top of this post, and started working with it.

FlickrAlmost instantly, I came up with this strapless look. Ordinarily, I don't do strapless -- it's not usually a good look on me. But I had to admit, I sort of liked this dress as a strapless.


FlickrNext, I criss-crossed the straps to create a keyhole neckline. It was cute, and I especially liked the long ties in the back, which added to the ... cuteness.


FlickrI look a little freakish in this photograph, but the dress actually makes a great cap-sleeve dress when the ties are flattened over the shoulders, criss-crossed in back, and tied around the waist. This is one of the ways I'll wear it most often.


FlickrDate night anyone? I coiled the straps and tied the remainder around my waist.


FlickrThis is one of my favorite looks: I turned the dress sideways and tied the straps in a bow at the top of my shoulder. LOVE.


FlickrAnd finally, here's a simple halter look. I like that I can make the straps wider to give it more of a daytime feel.

There are lots more ways to wear this dress, but some of them look sort of complicated and I wasn't interested in spending a long time messing with it. You can go to Hayley Starr's website to see more photos on ways to wear the dress, along with how-to videos.

All in all, I'm kind of loving this dress. It's not worth $325, but for $49.95 and a long wait, it was totally worth it!

Did you buy this dress? Would you, now that you've seen it?

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