Cute Old Pervert Makes Quilt of Used Panties (VIDEO)

Louis Garrett panty quiltL
Louis & his panty quilt
Check out this old cutie pie -- Harley-loving, Vietnam vet Louis Garrett of Louisiana has made himself a quilt out of 58 pairs of women's panties -- many of them used (but presumably washed) and donated by his close lady friends, giving the quilt what he calls "weird sentimental value."

So making and owning a panty quilt is a little strange, I guess, especially if you're not a washed-up rock 'n' roller who kept a collection of groupie-tossed undies over the years. However, Louis seems to like his quilt an awful lot, and that's a nice thing, isn't it?


Louis picked up some new panties in clothing stores nearby, but mostly he asked the ladies he knows and meets for donations from their lingerie drawers. I guess it could be creepy, but he doesn't act creepy about it. He just really likes panties! He's even working on a second panty quilt.

My favorite part of the video is when he talks about what kind of panty donations he'll accept. He's very particular:

As long as they're nylon or acetate, rayon or silk. No polyester! I don't want them CHEAP, dollar-store, not-sexy, farmgirl panties. I want classy. Silk or nylon. You know, sexy. Victoria Secret.

Louis does admit that he turned to the panty quilt idea after dressing his mannequin collection (that's right) in lingerie and dresses for some time. I'm just blocking that part out a little though. Who am I to judge?

No word on whether he sleeps with this quilt.

WATCH & LISTEN to Louis talk about his beloved panty quilt:

What do you think? Is a panty quilt creepy or perfectly acceptable if all its contributors are willing participants?

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